Who needs a stupid plot. This movie’s gonna bring women out in droves. I’m already planning girl’s night out that Friday. Arrrrrrr



This is why I love LA. With NBA playoffs, the Stanley Cup and concerts, the Staples Center has been a crazy busy place the last few weeks. It’s good to see the staff, dancers and announcers still managed to have some fun. Thanks for all your hard work guys!


As a passionate proponent of #girlpower without the butch haircut, I’m not really sure if Gloria Steinem saved us from our misery, or fucked us into a pool of sub-par men.

Allow me to explain: 40 years ago there was certain social pressure on men to establish a career in their 20s that would allow them to provide for a family regardless of whether or not their wife worked. They didn’t expect to split the bills 50/50, and if their woman was making more money than them, they would feel emasculated, and do everything they could to reclaim the throne.  Somehow today we’ve reached a point where women under 30 are better educated, more ambitious, and are making more money than their male counterparts, and men, instead of stepping up their game to keep their place in society, feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. They’ve even resorted to calling any woman who doesn’t want to conform to this new world order a gold digger to deflect attention from their own incompetence.

It’s pathetic.

Of course there are always exceptions, but for the most part where producing and raising offspring used to be the women’s responsibility, and working was her choice; today, working has become the expectation, and having children is a choice between giving them to a disinvested nanny, or not having any.

While I admit it’s good to know that the fairer sex is more powerful now than ever, when you throw the sexual revolution and in-vitro into the mix, I can’t help but wonder if we’re headed toward the inevitable insignificance of men. If we have to work and give our kids to a nanny anyway, why do we need a man-child to take care of at home?

Fear not however lazy boys. Feel free to keep spending all your money getting wasted while your mom buys your clothes and pays your cellphone bill at 25, because at the end of the day some beta female will settle for you thanks to a little drug called Oxytocin. The female kryptonite, otherwise known as “The love hormone” is what’s responsible for our clingy behavior. It’s the reason why we get hung up on losers despite our friends’ better judgment, and why we want to be in relationships with them despite their inadequacies.

I’m not suggesting that all twenty something year old men are unambitious losers. In fact, the ones who have their shit together are working harder than any other generation to become the king of a kingdom because the economy is against them; However, our society is becoming dangerously more accepting of incompetent male behavior, and women are taking over more and more responsibility.

The pickin’s are getting slim.

The reality is instead of calling every girl who wants to be in a relationship crazy, the beta males need to make a choice: either step up their game and start reclaiming their rightful place as providers, or keep idolizing George Clooney until they’re 40 trying to lock down a 25-year-old without daddy issues.

Huffington Post: Income Gap Closing: Women On Pace To Outearn Men.

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