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Last weekend a friend of mine randomly told me about the LA Art Show downtown, so I decided to be adventurous and check it out. It turned out to be a great decision, and well worth the $20 cost of admission!  Here are some of my favorites:   Related articles LA Art Show Premiere Party […]


I’m not calling myself an artist, but the creative process is lonely. You start talking to yourself for hours, days, sometimes years, so you can create something real from those crazy pictures inside your head. You drown yourself in imagination, ignore the world, and you expect the same people who resent you for it to lift you over their shoulders when you’re finally ready to present them with your masterpiece. You deconstruct and reconstruct over and over and over to the point where everyone around you thinks you’re insane. You know what they’re thinking, and you get why, but explaining it would take too long, and you’d rather stay in your crazy head, because you think it’ll all be worth it in the end. They’ll see. You subject yourself to painful, and sometime vicious criticism. You end up doubting yourself so much that you deny your own virtue, so they stop beating it out of you before that last bit of fire goes out. You go back into your lonely head, and start fanning the fire again, hoping that next time, it’ll be undeniable, but it keeps happening over and over and over… No wonder so many of us try to numb it with drugs.

If you choose to sacrifice certainty for happiness, prepare to walk through that door 1000 feet tall, because you will get cut down with every step you take. Hope that you’ll find the happiness you seek before there’s nothing left to keep you going, but know that the taller you walk, the harder they’ll hit.

This is the life I’ve chosen, and I’ll take it any day over being shackled to a desk at an office.



As soon as I saw my news feed blowing up with tweets and posts about LCD Soundsystem’s SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS yesterday, I whipped out my phone, and texted my most reliable music roll dog: ”Dude I wanna go see the LCD doc! IT’S ONLY TONIGHT!! Gonna sell out. Not at a computer. Can you get tix at Arclight??” Low and behold he was on his way to the Arclight to see Spiderman, and snagged us two of the last seats available.

Talk about good timing.

I was lucky enough to see LCD Soundsystem live at the Hollywood bowl a couple summers ago. James Murphy and his self-proclaimed “weird thing” instantly became one of my favorite music acts, and their popularity only seemed to only be growing until they hit us with the break up news out of nowhere–Last show at Madison Square Garden in NYC on April 2, 2011. WTF??!!

I walked into the screening expecting a movie turned dance party like the Chemical Bros’, DON’T THINK, a few months back, but SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS was different.  We snuck in a couple of beers and a screwdriver filled water bottle, sat in the front row, and finally found out what the hell happened.

The epic performance and hearing LCD’s hits on whatever “6-track discrete magnetic sound” means aside, I have a lot of newfound respect for the man. When a successful rock star looks in the mirror, and sees the grey patch on his neck, his ability to leave fame in pursuit of love, family and real happiness is breathtakingly admirable.

James Murphy is a legend.



KCRW is putting on some great events in LA lately!

Thursdays – Poolside DJ sets at Hammer Museum’s outdoor courtyard, inspired by the idea of “Made in L.A.”, and representing the wide array of music created in our very own City of Angels.

Saturdays – A series of a three, free summer concerts to accompany the groundbreaking exhibition Who Shot Rock & Roll at the Annenberg Space for Photography. Last weekend Moby brought down the house, and this weekend is Portugal. The Man in live performance with KCRW DJs Dan Wilcox & Gary Calama.
**You can RSVP and get all the info you need here.

via Summer Nights 2012 – KCRW.

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Summer Nights 2012 - KCRW